Just Look Around You

Last week I had an opportunity to spend some time at my in-law’s house in Maggie Valley, NC. I really needed to get away . . . a change of scenery.

Seth and I loaded our motorcycles on Monday morning and headed out. Kari and Amelia came the following day. The weather was absolutely perfect. Warm days and cool nights. Seth and I rode the Blue Ridge Parkway, from the Smokey Mountain National Park to Asheville, NC. This is some of the most glorious riding there is. Sweeping turns, magnificent views, wonderful mountain air, and a mix of the aromas of mountain flowers and freshly cut grass. I rode over to Deal’s Gap on the border of North Carolina and Tennessee to ride on U.S. 129 known as the “Tail of the Dragon.” It is a motorcycle rider’s dream. It is an 11 mile stretch of road that has 318 turns.

Some of my best prayer time has been on my motorcycle, especially on the Parkway. The beautiful scenery certainly declares the handiwork of God’s hand. I often wonder how anyone can look at the beauty of nature and not know that there is a Creator that carefully handcrafted every mountain, every rock formation, every tree, every flower, and every blade of grass. The physical beauty of the world as we see it could not have happened by chance. In Paul’s fantastic treatise of our faith, he says that God wrote the truth on each of our hearts so that we’ll know there is a Creator. (Romans 1:19-21) As authentic Christians, we need to stand against the deception of Satan. There is a God and we must acknowledge His greatness.

I agree with David, “The heavens are telling of the glory of God; And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.” (Psalm 19:1)

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