It’s Time to Stand Up.

On Sunday nights we are looking at a video series entitled “Speechless – Silencing the Christians.” I am amazed at the stories contained in the series so far. Christians being told what they can or cannot say in school, in public, and at the workplace.

You need to know what you can say. We say things like. “We live in the Bible belt, we’ll never be silenced.” We can be so naive. Something recently happened in Clay County, FL not far from here. As we approach the elections, the speech police are watching and listening. Don’t think an elementary school is immune to the tactics of those who seek to silence the Truth of the Bible. I’m pleased to say school officials did the right thing in this case, but don’t think that’s always the case. In fact, in our church, one mother said her daughter was told she couldn’t mention Jesus in the classroom. That is simply not true.

It’s time to stand up for what is right. We’ve been silenced too long. It’s time to speak out and it may be more important now than it ever has been.


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