In Case You Didn’t See It (or refused to watch)

Yesterday, Barack Obama took the oath of office and became our 44th President. Many people watched this ceremony, many did not. Much criticism was thrown at Obama for selecting Rick Warren to deliver the inaugural prayer. Criticism came from the left becasue Warren is opposed to gay marriage. Criticism came from the right because some say he isn’t conservative enough. There’s just no pleasing . . .anybody!

If you didn’t watch Warren’s prayer yesterday, click here. Did Warren honor God and Jesus Christ? You be the judge.


2 thoughts on “In Case You Didn’t See It (or refused to watch)

  1. Jesus never prayed in public and scorned those that did. He did not advocate giving money to the church, instead driving the moneychangers from the temple.

    Rick Warren is a bloated, prideful, self aggrandizing, glutton. He is an embarrassment to all. His prayers offend the Lord and mock true Christianity.

  2. @ Reddog, do you know what a moneychanger is? I guess not. They were a vital component to the grossly corrupted, organized religion of that time period, and they are completely unrelated to money and the church today. And, he only scorned those that prayed without the proper attitude. You must have an extraordinarily large bum from which to pull all of your rubbish.

    I do think that there are a tremendous amount of ‘Christians’ that are only seeking attention by publicly expressing things that are typical of Christianity.

    P.S. “self aggrandizing” is a hyphenated word and should be: self-aggrandizing.

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