File this under the, “Give me a break” section.

girlsbasketballA high school girls’ basketball coach was recently fired because he won.  What??  Yes.  As a result of winning, he was fired.  Don’t believe me?  Read it here.

Okay, so they had a margin of victory of 100 points – I think that’s pretty good.  The losing team didn’t score a single point, not one, zero.  I’m sure losing by that margin may have hurt the self esteem of the team that was beaten.  Hold on, they haven’t won in four years.  Not a single game.  I think they’re probably used to it by now.

I have significant athletic background and have competed on many levels in individual and team sports, and you know what?  There were always winners and losers.  I’ve played on championship teams and teams that always seemed to be in a rebuilding phase.  I was never accused of being too good or working too hard.  No team I was ever on got told, “You should have gone easy on them, they not good.”  What’s the point of competing?  It’s to win.  I can hear Michael Phelps saying, “No, don’t give me a medal just because I swam faster than anyone, give the medal to Monaco, they’ve competed in 25 Olympic games and have never won a medal.”  (I’m not kidding.)

We compete because we want to win.  We keep score so we know who wins.  Right or wrong, good or bad, the success of any coach is measured by wins and losses.  The success of any athlete is measured by the number of times they won.

The fired coach refused to apologize, “For a wide margin [of] victory when my girls played with honor and integrity.”   Can you imagine a parent listening in to the coach speaking to the girls during a time-out?  “Now Suzie, how about miss some shots, we’re too good.”  Come on.

It seems obvious to me, a basketball team that hasn’t won single game in four years should pursue other interests.

Wait, this just in, the team now apparently regrets winning and want to forfeit the game?????  Read it here.


3 thoughts on “File this under the, “Give me a break” section.

  1. I’m not sure there was much “honor and integrity” involved here. The winning team, including the coaches, were laughing and making fun of their opponents. They ran a full court press for the entire game. With 2 minutes to go in the game he had the 1st string team on the floor.

    To teach young people to humiliate and embarrass their opponents and to taunt them endlessly, to show no mercy, that’s not the kind of person I’d want coaching my daughter. Of course, video of that game showed that the parents were even more vicious, lewd, and hateful, so I guess the coach was doing exactly what he was paid to do.

  2. Not sure I’m with you on this one, Ian. I’d like to know more details. How long were they in a full-court press? Were they shooting threes after halftime? There’s a difference between giving one’s best and running up the score on an opponent. I don’t believe that the coach should have been fired, necessarily, but if he ran up the score by doing some of those things I mentioned, he should have been reprimanded, and it seems, from the second article, that the team did do some of those things. I’ll have to respectfully disagree.

  3. I appreciate your views.

    I didn’t get the impression that they (the winning team’s parents and coaches) were making fun, I took it that they were excited about breaking 100. I could be wrong though. I don’t agree that a team should hold back. Perhaps they could/should have put in second string players. Keep in mind, the other team didn’t score a single point. I did not see a video so I didn’t see it firsthand, I only read the report. One report I read did say that they held a full court press until 4 minutes left in the game, and I agree that the coach displayed a lack of discretion at that point. The coach also said that the opposing team didn’t try to block the players from scoring and the game turned into a layup drill.

    Maybe the other team should fire their coach, not a single win in four years?

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