At Least These Teens Got It

Here I was thinking that our kids who receive government scholarships don’t get it.  The students in an AP Government class in Mesa, AZ got it.  In fact, I think their grasp of the economic situation is far greater than many of the people on Capitol Hill including our President.  Read the story here.

The answer is not more money.  We are required to be good stewards of all we have. Some people mistakenly think that if they tithe — I can hear some of you saying, “Wait Ian, that’s Old Testament, we don’t have to do that, we’re under grace.” That’s another post for another time.  Anyway, just because we tithe or give generously doesn’t mean we can mismanage the other 90% that God has entrusted to us. He still owns it all, no matter what we think. We’re still required to be good stewards and America has not done that.  It doesn’t matter which side of the aisle you prefer, both sides have been fiscally irresponsible, but let’s face it.  This latest example of porkulous as Rush Limbaugh calls it, sinks us to a new low. But on the other hand, government will grow in ways that would cause our fore-fathers not only to roll over in their graves, but to jump out and slap a liberal.

Government is the answer. That’s what the liberals say, right? No, government is not the answer.  Jesus is the answer. It’s time for us to be real Christ followers in all we do, our finances included.


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