It was a mistake?

redcardBy now, everyone has heard about the photo opportunity of Air Force 1 (which is not Air Force 1 unless the President is actually onboard) in New York City. Fearing another 9/11 attack, scared New Yorkers called 911.

Certainly, I don’t fault New Yorkers for fearing another terrorist attack. No one knew about the flyover which was done at 1000 feet. A little too close to the ground to dismiss as normal airplane traffic. And what about the two F-16s that were chasing the 747? Even to the most knowledgeable observer, it looked like something bad was happening. Read the ABC story here.

Should the public have been informed? As a retired Navy submariner, I understand the reasons for secrecy and need to know, so I don’t have such a hard spot with keeping a lid on the fact that the President’s plane was flying around. Here’s an idea, it could have been kept a secret until just before the flyover to make sure New York citizens were informed (read TV spot). BUT, and here’s the BIG BUT: it cost an estimated $329,000!! The President is quoted as saying, “We found out about it the same time you did.” Oh, puh-lease. That plane doesn’t get off the ground unless the President knows about it. $329,000!!! This from the President who says he will go line by line in the budget to cut needless government spending.

Now that’s some classic baloney.


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