I agree with the White House. Did I just say that?

I’ve visited the White House, but did not actually get to go in. Just standing on Pennsylvania Avenue looking at it was pretty cool. A group of 5th graders would probably disagree. They were scheduled to tour the White House on Thursday, but when they got to the White House, officials turned them away stating that they arrived too late.  Read the story here.

WHWhile I may not agree with many things coming out of the White House, I’ll have to agree with this decision. I will say that there is some disagreement in each account of what happened. And frankly, not everything the White House says can be believed, BUT if the story coming out of the White House is accurate, they made the right decision. If the children were indeed as late as has been reported, then this was a really tough lesson to learn for the kids. Think about your last trip to the doctor or dentist. Are you aggravated when they run late? The doctor doesn’t see you for your 9:00 am appointment until 9:45. Pretty aggravating. Even a 10 minute delay can complete undo the President’s schedule. It’s not like he’s just sitting around doing nothing. The President’s day is scheduled down to the minute.

I’m sure this was very disappointing the the 5th graders and their chaperones, but I have to agree with the White House. Of course I reserve to retract the whole thing if other information comes out.


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