Another Winner!

SupremePresident Obama continues to disappoint.  His appointment to the United States Supreme Court admits she never thought much about the rights of unborn children. You would have thought that she would have been properly vetted. Oh wait, Obama doesn’t care about the rights of the unborn even thought he has been quoted as saying that he does not personally endorse abortion. Read about it here. Another case of hypocrisy in action.

In other news, Israel is pretty upset about a photo snapped in the White House showing President Obama  with his feet on his desk showing the bottom of his shoes while he was talking to Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Read about it here.

I have no doubt that if his feet were resting on a Bible, there would be uproar from Chritians, but the press would lable us as being overly sensitive. I wonder when people will realize that Obama really is a Muslim and has complete disregard for anything we, as Chrisians, hold dear, yet he’s willing to declare that we are a Muslim nation even though < 1% of Americans profess a Muslim faith. Since the President said it, it must be true, right?

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