We’ll Need a New Budget Line Item

CongressI,  probably like many pastors, have been following the debate over the Mathhew Shepherd Hate Crimes Preventions Act (S. 909). This bill, passed in April by the House promises tough consequences to anyone who might speak out by saying same sex marriages or relationships are sinful. Well . . .that would apply to me. I like to take a biblical view of things. I didn’t write the Bible, but I follow it. I preach from the Bible and I believe it is true. It is the guidebook for our lives. It contains all we need to live lives that please God, and to get to know Christ better, and to be conformed to His image. The Bible says homosexuality is sin. It’s pretty clear to me.

So it seems as though when our church Stewardship Committee meets in October to begin hammering out our 2010 budget, we’ll need to add a new budget line item: Pastor’s Bail Fund.

Here are a couple of articles: Chuck Colson, Fox News.


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