Pelosi and Michael Jackson

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi finally got one right. She has refused to allow debate over a House resolution honoring Michael Jackson. You can read the article here. This is the latest in the ongoing hero worship of the late King of Pop. Sure Michael Jackson did some good things, some might say great things, but come on! Al Sharpton wants a national day of mourning. Kids can wear t-shirts depicting Michael Jackson, but can’t express their views over abortion (See yesterday’s post). Something is wrong and we need to stand up for what is right. Why not have a national day of mourning for Jesus Christ? Isn’t Sharpton a minister? Shouldn’t he encourage us to worship Christ? In case you were wondering, Sharpton says he was ordained as a minister at the age of nine. There are so many things wrong with that.

Now the debate rages on about who is going to foot the bill for the money spent for the funeral. Why should Los Angeles or the State of California have to pay? Do they pay for other funerals?

I could go on and on, but alas, this only serves to keep this story in the news. There are afterall, a plethora of more important things going on in the world. Hey, did you hear that North Korea is testing missiles? Probably not.


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