At What Cost?

New Orleans. Devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Here we are, eight people from a small church in Southeast Georgia. What in the world can we do to help? Alone, probably not much. That’s why we’ve partnered with EFCA Crisis Response. They’ve been here since Katrina hit in 2005. Hundreds of teams from around the country have descended on Crisis Response headquaters in Covington,LA located on the campus of Trinity Church. Teams have volunteered over 450,000 hours over the last four years.

C4TeamAnd here we are. Eight people among a group of about 120 people this week trying to make a difference in the world by rebuilding homes that were destroyed or seriously damaged by Katrina. At the same time, we’re building relationships with people whose lives were turned upside down by Katrina. We’re learning their stories, their tragedies, and their triumps. Through it all, we’re serving Jesus by serving others.

The cost for us is a week of hard labor; the benefits? Indescribable joy.


2 thoughts on “At What Cost?

  1. What a fantastic group of representatives for Jesus Christ, EFCA and C4! Praying for you and the community you are helping to minister to.

  2. Although we can’t be there with you, we are covering you in prayer. May God continue to SHINE through all of you.

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