We Have a Guest Blogger!

Here is a post from Pastor Jay Alexander. He is one of our Mission Team members here in New Orleans and our Assistant Pastor at C4. You can find his blog here.

“Christians either don’t know, don’t show, or don’t care about what’s going on in the Hood.”
July 23, 2009 by resolutebuffoonery

JayCraneWell, its now day three of our mission trip. Some of the things that I have learned so far is:

“You can put Tony Chachere’s Famous Creole Seasoning on anything.

Crystal hot sauce makes everything taste better.

If a kid threatens to bite you, give them the jump rope.

If you give a three year old a jump rope to play with in the projects, you are not getting it back.

Getting a big hug from the same girl in exchange for the jump rope is a good feeling.

Chanting is a great way to get teens to unite together.

Turkey necks and pig tails are wicked awesome!

Ms. Brenda makes the best potato salad in the world.

Hearing Ms. Brenda’s story over lunch, of how she lost her home and some of her family during Katrina was really sad.

Loving on Brenda by helping her get her home back is really good.

I can’t hula hoop anymore and I don’t know when I forgot how.

Getting the opportunity to be taught how to hula hoop by a 7 year old in the neighborhood was pretty cool.

Caulk fixes almost anything, but it can’t build relationships.

Volunteers from Indiana should not volunteer [in construction]. (You know who you are)

Alysha Sutton is the best Construction Supervisor Team leader ever.

Getting a chance to share a little of my time with someone so selfless, reminds me why I should be more like that.

You don’t tell seven kids “free ice cream” unless you plan to feed the 30 that heard you from inside the neighbor’s house.

Getting the opportunity to give 30 kids ice cream when you know they don’t have much, makes you feel blessed.

People are still hurting from Hurricane Katrina.

People are still hurting from where I live too, and I should make a better effort to help them too.

Getting to know people is the first step to meeting their needs.”

Thanks Jay for taking the time to be a part of our team. You have been great fun to be with and have demonstrated the immeasurable love of Christ by serving others.


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