What if?

Question Mark

What if . . .

  • People were as passionate about Jesus Christ as they were about their favorite football team?
  • People were honest with each other? With God?
  • Husbands understood the command to love their wives as Christ loved the church?
  • Churches cared more about and were intentional about discipleship?
  • People reached out to each other?
  • Your church closed its doors, would your community notice?
  • People demonstrated the love of Christ instead of talking about it?
  • We didn’t have the written Word of God any more?
  • Everyone in the church was as committed as you?
  • You studied your Bible for the same amount of time you spent on Facebook?
  • You closed yourself in a room to hear the voice of God?
  • We gave generously to support the work of the church?
  • Churches worked together to impact the Kingdom of God?
  • You were as casual about your job as you were about Christ?
  • We sincerely shared our faith with our neighbors, family, or friends?
  • We applied the Word of God to our lives?
  • We removed the word “but” from our vocabulary when referring to God’s Word?
  • We prayed earnestly for one another?
  • We cared enough about our kids to discipline them?

I wonder how many people are held back by that phrase? What is the biggest what if in your life?


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