Aren’t You Glad . . . .

Now that Christmas is over and the New Year has been rung in, I was sitting here quietly enjoying my coffee and thinking. I do that sometimes . . . just sit and think. I started thinking about things I was glad for.

There are lots of things I am glad for in my life, but I got to thinking about gladness in the Lord. I have compiled a short list and am hoping you might add to it.

Aren’t you glad . . .

  • The Holy Spirit indwells us permanently?
  • We have the written Word of God?
  • The Lord hasn’t given up on you?
  • Jesus was born of a virgin?
  • Miracles still happen?
  • Joy doesn’t depend on circumstances?
  • That we don’t have to live here for eternity?
  • Your parents didn’t believe in abortion?
  • Jesus died on the cross?
  • That we continue to grow in Christ? (Or at least we should.)
  • Salvation isn’t dependent on us?
  • Jesus conquered death?
  • Jesus never fails?
  • Jesus is the Messiah? Savior? Redeemer? Defender? Strong tower?

What are you glad for?


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