Remodeling a House is a Lot Like Jesus

I just finished rehabbing a house. Some of you may ask, “What does that mean?” In a nutshell, it means making something old and dirty into something fresh and new. HGTV is a great channel to watch, but its made it hard for guys like me who specialize in remodeling. On HGTV, remodeling jobs take 30 minutes to an hour and there seems to be no real limit on the amount of money that can be spent.

In real life, it takes longer and it costs money and the homeowners typically don’t understand why the transformation doesn’t happen as fast as it does on TV. Here’s a shocker for you: life is not like TV. What takes 30 minutes on TV may take a day or two. Sometimes it looks like there just that one, hard working guy with the cool tools, but the reality, that one guy typically has a team of sub-contractors taking care of the electrical issue, the Sheetrock, the plumbing, the cabinets, etc. That one contractor gets all the accolades from the grateful homeowners, but don’t be fooled, a good contractor has his hand in everything that is going on at that job site.

I got to thinking about the total transformation of remodeling a house. It never gets old for me although I think I might be getting too old for it. I love to take something that looks terrible and ugly and dirty and water damaged and tired and insect infected and rotten on the outside because I can see the potential that is hiding under the baby blue toilet and polished brass lighting fixtures. The bad thing is that remodeling is messy. And it’s disruptive. And it’s time consuming. And it’s expensive. And sometimes the homeowner wants that total transformation, but doesn’t want to pay the price. For some people the cost is too much.

Jesus is into remodeling, He is the master remodeler, but He’s not remodeling houses. No matter the damage on our interior and exterior, Jesus see the potential in us. He knows what we could be if we would submit to the painful process of remodeling. That’s the problem though, isn’t it? Remodeling lives is time consuming. Sometimes Jesus sub-contracts His work too. Often Jesus uses pastors, friends, Bible study teachers, small group leaders, and parents to do various jobs in the major undertaking of remodeling a life. Those sub-contractors take the time to work in our lives through the loving hands of the General Contractor who oversees the overall job progress. It comes through encouragement, through teaching, through trials and suffering, through tenderness, through unconditional love, through time. We have to trust that Jesus really wants us to have that total transformation. We need to be willing to submit ourselves to His tools. Painful? Sometimes. Time-consuming? Yes. Worthwhile? Oh yea.


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