Top 10 Reasons to Look for Another Church

Like most churches, we routinely have visitors come through the doors . . . . looking. Some are looking for God, some are looking for healing, some are looking for help, some are looking to serve, some are looking to grow. When speaking with a visitor I always ask, “How did you find out about our church?” or, “What brings you here?” I like to follow up with an in home visit. Yes I still do those. Some  may consider this practice old fashioned. I consider it a demonstration of a desire to help people connect with God, each other, and the world. It affords me the opportunity to chat about their relationship with Christ. NEWS FLASH!! Not everyone that goes to church has a relationship with Christ. The conversation typically ends up discussing why they left their previous church.

So without further ado, here is a compilation of the top ten reasons people have given for why they are looking for another church:

  1. The leadership lacks the biblical vision for the church.
  2. A lack of pastoral or staff accountability.
  3. Little or no emphasis on missions.
  4. Little or no emphasis on outreach.
  5. Any church that stands on the statement, “We’ve never (always) done ____________”
  6. The Bible no longer holds a place of prominence in what the church does.
  7. There is no avenue to provide feedback or input to church leadership (typically relates to #2).
  8. I wasn’t getting fed there (generally related to #6).
  9. I didn’t fit in there.
  10. There weren’t enough programs for ______________.

We’ll look at the top reasons I encourage people to stay at their current church soon.

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