Top 10 Lame Reasons for Leaving Your Church

In previous posts, I’ve covered some reasons that people have given me for leaving their previous church. I’ve covered some really good reasons to stay connected with your church too. Some reasons are valid and some have been really bad. The common theme with people leaving a church is that they are unhappy. It doesn’t really matter if what they think is true or not, perception is reality. People wrongly conclude that happiness is what they are searching for. God is not against anyone being happy, BUT that is not necessarily His goal for our lives. Unfortunately, our church is a reflection of society. But that’s not the way it’s supposed to be (Romans 12:1-2). Christians are supposed to be different, but the sad reality is that too many people in the church that claim a relationship with Christ have never been wholly transformed by His Spirit.

Not to leave out another group, here are the top 10 lame reasons people have told me why they left a previous church:

  1. The pastor didn’t speak to me today (yesterday, last week).
  2. Too many new people are coming to the church.
  3. They won’t let me exercise my spiritual gift.
  4. The church didn’t meet my needs.
  5. The church needs more room, but won’t build.
  6. The music’s too loud.
  7. The pastor started using one of those modern Bible translations when he preaches.
  8. The pastor’s wife is a snob.
  9. I didn’t understand the sermons.
  10. I just wasn’t getting fed.
  11. We sing too many hymns [choruses] or not enough.
  12. I don’t like the music style . . . . it’s not biblical (or words to that effect).

Okay, that was 12. Sue me. We’ve seen many people pass through the doors of our church. We do our best to connect with them and help them see we are intentional about what we do at C4. We don’t have a lot of fancy programs, or specialized areas of ministry. We simply connect people to God, each other, and the world. That is really our focus. It is really our mission.

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