Top Reasons Jack Bauer is Like Jesus

Summer is not a great time for TV so I normally take to watching DVDs. I received Season 7 of 24 for Christmas and broke it out to catch up with what Jack Bauer has been doing to help his country. Then I re-watched Season 1, then 2, and am now into Season 3.

I got to thinking about  Jesus and how Jack Bauer is like Jesus.

Here are some reasons Jack Bauer is like Jesus.

  • You may not like his methods but he always gets the job done.
  • Sometimes suffering is necessary to accomplish the job.
  • He thinks about long term goals.
  • He is fiercely loyal.
  • He finishes what he starts.
  • He is willing to lay down his life for a friend.
  • He never gets tired.
  • Sometimes he doesn’t work as quickly as we’d like him to.
  • He often works with information we don’t have.

We need to be about the business of the Father because we are running out of time.


5 thoughts on “Top Reasons Jack Bauer is Like Jesus

  1. OK I’m here – now what do I do?

    Another reason Jack Bauer is like Jesus is that:

    he came back from the dead

    Does this thing work?

  2. I read your blog and then went to read the comments and was so surprised to see a comment from my dad! Way to go dad!

    I like your list. I would add: Can perform miracles. I think you should come up with another list about how the NCIS guy is like Jesus.

    Just a thought.


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