Romania 2010 (Day 2)

Just over the border in Bulgaria

Yesterday we arrived safely and on time in Bucharest. We praise the Lord for travelling mercies and thank you for your prayers. All of our luggage arrived the same time we did . . . the first time in five trips here. After our day long trip with little or no sleep, we slept with thoughts of our Sunday in Bulgaria.

The first time I was in Romania in 2001, I have dreamed of going to Bulgaria. In the past this was not possible due to high taxes on crossing the border from Romania to Bulgaria. It was easier for Americans to cross than for Romanians, but we never considere a trip without Matthew, our dear friend, host, and translator. Matthew speaks onlya little Bulgarian. In fact, today was the first time Matthew has ever been to Bulgaria.

Through Gods ( I cannot use an apostraphe because I am using a Romanian keyboard) providence, and because Romania and Bulgaria are now in the European Union, crossing the border has become much easier. Today we met and fell in love with Momchil Petrov, our Bulgarian host and elder in a local church in Russe, just over the Danube River from Giurgiu, Romania. We walked around Russe for a short time and enjoyed hot coffee and cake in a local coffee shop before going to church.

We were welcomed very warmly in the church and enjoyed songs accompanied by an accordian, flute, and violin. Sonya shared a song and then I had an opportunity to share what authentic Christianity means from 1 John with Momchil as my translator. Like the United States, Bulgaria has people that profess to be Christians, but their actions betray that fact.

After eating lunch at a local restaraunt, we headed back across the border to Romania where we ministered at the Brethren church in Giurgiu. Kari and I have been to this church many times in past trips and it ws good to see the people again. Matthew served as my translator and it was good to have him in this capacity. He translates almost as fast as I speak. We have been doing this so long together, he knows how I think and knows what I mean to say so he can proplery translate. Sonya sang several songs and Kari shared the story of Amy Carmicheal with the children.

We are preparing to go to Prundu tomorrow and teach as the Spirit leads us. We have learned to trust Him and also trust the local leadership and remain flexible.

Thank you for praying with us. We cannot hope to accomplish what God wants us to accomplish without our efforts being covered by prayer. It means so much. Iwill probably not have access to a computer or the internet until later in the week so for now I ask that you continue to pray for us, for God to prepare the way, and that we follow His leading.


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