I wrote about IDGAR Syndrome and its pervasiveness among people today. IDGAR Syndrome is curable though. The cure is something that was developed by Jesus. I have had this on the forefront of my mind, especially recently. We’ve had a lot of changes at our church recently: lots of visitors, reorganization of several of our ministries all in an effort to provide what we, as a church are mandated to do.

So why do some people push against us so hard? Why are some so set in their ways that they aren’t wiling to hear form God? This isn’t anything new. It’s not something that is pervasive in our modern church. Jesus dealt with it; Peter, John, and Paul dealt with it.

The cure for IDGAR is HIND. Help, I Need Discipleship.

The tricky part is discipling people who don’t want it. Christians are mandated to help others grow in Christ. The mandate for discipleship is in Matt. 28:19 for the church in general, and throughout the New Testament for individuals. One challenge to discipleship is finding the time to engage one another on a personal level. We do church in America, but we aren’t really being the church in America. We’ve bought the lies of the world that we need to get ahead, we need to be involved in a plethora of activities, that the church is there to serve us, that we don’t have time for anything more than a passing glance at Scripture. These ideas are wrong. The Bible is not old fashioned. People who try to make that argument aren’t studying or reading the same Bible that I have.

I wonder if people who don’t want to be discipled are troubled by those who are trying to disciple them? Unfortunately, no one is perfect so if that’s what you seek, you need to look elsewhere. Discipleship is about growing to be more like Christ. Discipleship is about discovering the character of Christ through His Word. Discipleship is about getting involved in one another’s lives. Discipleship must be intentional. Discipleship is about leading, but it’s also about following – following Christ. Everyone needs to be discipled.

Some will say they want to grow in Christ, to be like Christ, to be giants of the faith. Encourage them! Get involved with them! Walk with them! Grow with them! Other will say the same thing, but their actions will say otherwise. Don’t let that discouragement derail you from true discipleship.

The cure for IDGAR Syndrome is ongoing discipleship and it is going to be challenging, but it is our privilege and our joy.


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