One With Them

As we enter the Fall season, Open Doors USA is launching the One With Them (OWT) campaign to show our solidarity with those who share our faith but not our freedom. This includes those we serve who desire to read God’s Word, but could be thrown in prison or found in violation of the law for sharing the truths found in Scripture. These truths are foundational to the life of a believer, and through your commitment to help find Bible Sponsors, the ability for Open Doors to provide these words of life is able to continue. If you have not done so already please visit the OWT website and order your free wristband.

When you wear your OWT barb-wire wristband, remember to pray for those who are living in areas of restriction who may not have access to the Word of God as we do. Remember those who are in prison and cannot read the words of life, but who still share with their fellow prisoners. And remember your own freedom to pray for, speak about, and share with those who cannot in freedom.

This November 13th, Open Doors will again be participating in the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted (IDOP). This will be an opportunity to join with others in praying for fellow believers in this way. Please visit the International Day of Prayer site on the OWT website for more information, and to sign up to receive special emails and downloads regarding this event.

Thank you for your continued efforts to support these precious believers who are standing strong, even when circumstances try to take away their freedom of belief. Thank you for supporting them and showing your solidarity by wearing your wristband, and by continuing to provide Bibles so that they may continue standing strong.

One with them, and with you.

Special thanks to my friend and Open Doors USA Ambassador Coordinator, Chaelee Madison for this post.


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