Wouldn’t It Be Cool?

Cars have gotten really high tech lately. New cars today are filled with an incredible array of bells and whistles including cars that park themselves, cars that can link your cell phone with the car’s audio system allowing completely hands free operation. Of course there’s GPS with turn by turn directions. Often forgotten is the little yellow warning light that comes on when there’s a potential issue. It doesn’t mean car life is over, but it means you need to have your car checked out. Ignore the warning lights and they could cause catastrophic results later.

The check engine light in my wife’s car recently came on and I got to reflecting about our walk of faith.  What if there was something similar for us? How about a “Check Attitude” light? Or maybe a “Low Spiritual Tank” light to let us know when we should fill up? How about a “High Anger” light? I’m surprised there aren’t smart phone apps for our Christian walk.

Moses had something similar when he came down from the mountain after spending time with God. When he came down his face was radiant. He had to put a veil on his face so he wouldn’t blind the people. Not very manly, but it was effective. The longer he spent away from God, the dimmer his countenance got. His “low spiritual tank” light came on. People today think they can go days, weeks, and months without getting in God’ presence. The warning lights of our lives are burning brightly and no one seems to notice. While there may not be visible warning lights in our lives, the warnings are there none the less. We feel distant from the Lord even though He promises never to leave us or forsake us. We feel like He doesn’t love us even though we have the promise of His everlasting love. These are warning signs and left unchecked, could cause catastrophic results.

So what do you do if you feel like these warning lights are on in your life? Go to the owner’s manual and run some tests. Find out what the issues are. Maybe you haven’t read your Bible in a while, maybe you haven’t prayed in a while. Maybe you aren’t connecting with people who will help you walk the walk of faith. Warning lights are designed to warn of possible failure. As long as your car is running, there’s still hope to have it repaired before it dies. As long as you’re still breathing, there’s still hope to have Jesus impact your life and put out those warning lights so you can live authentically for Him.


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