Cheap Grace

This is worth the read.


cheap grace

We bought new phones over the weekend. Our contract was up, there was a deal, my phone had quit taking photos, Keith’s had quit holding a charge; it was time to upgrade.

Keith and I are very careful with our money (mostly). When we set out to buy something, especially something important, like a phone, we are willing to spend a little more for a solid piece of equipment than shelling out cash over and over again for cheap pieces of junk.

Our phones weren’t cheap. In fact, they weren’t quite as inexpensive as we had hoped, but there was a deal, we had some sort of promotion…I’m sure you know how it goes. So we spent a little more than we anticipated, but since our last set of phones lasted three years, we fully expect these to last at least that long, if not longer.

While we were in…

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