Ian at Panacea 2014I am a Christ follower, husband to
Kari for over 29 years, father of Seth and Amelia, grand-dad to Kinsey, Co-Pastor of Three Rivers Church (affectionately known as 3RC) in St. Marys, GA, a retired U.S. Navy submarine nuclear trained Master Chief Petty Officer, a Police and Hospital Chaplain, and a Part-time Police Officer for the City of St. Marys.

I love coffee. I love doughnuts. I’m a cyclist. I enjoy remodeling houses and all woodworking. I grew up in Des Plaines, IL just outside of  Chicago and love all the Chicago sports teams. I moved to Rock Hill, SC in 1979 due to a job change for my Dad. I joined the Navy in 1983 and have lived in IL, FL, NY, CA, CT, WA, AL, CT, and then ended up in Kings Bay, GA for my last 12 years in the Navy. I retired in 2006 and Kari and I made our home here in St. Marys, GA.

This blog is about authentic Christianity. That involves daily living as a follower of Christ. Part of that daily living is passionately becoming a student of God’s Word. You may not agree with my views when offered up, but I believe that authentic Christian living includes being informed about current issues facing us and providing biblical responses or teaching concerning issues we face each day. I believe one of the biggest reasons the church has lost her power is because Christians have grown silent about the things that matter most. I pray my blog challenges you, encourages you, enlightens you, and sometimes makes you laugh. Most of all, I pray that my blog will encourage you to become a devoted follower of the King of kings and the Lord of lords. His name is Jesus Christ.