The Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey – Huh???

I consider myself fairly open minded (no jokes please) but this has taken me aback. I’m familiar with a lot of the “Christian” movements out there claiming something “new” and I must admit, I am generally really skeptical of those “new” things. I consider myself to be a pretty serious student of the Word of God and I like to do that wacky practice of mine. I encourage you to do the same thing. Here goes. When these “new” things come down the pike, do what I’ve been telling you over and over again: make sure it lines up with Scripture. If we would be consistent about doing this, people would not be led astray by these new fangled fads that seem to roll around every couple of years.

There was (is) the holy laughter movement, the barking like dogs movement, the turn your fillings into gold movement, the gold dust falling in the church movement, and so on. No I don’t make this stuff up, truth is stranger than fiction right?

Now we have the Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey. If you have the stomach for it, you can watch it.

While it might be entertaining to watch (or maybe not) and listen to (the guy leading the Hokey Pokey song has a really good voice), the theology that is demonstrated is weak at best. At one point the man leading the meeting says, “God wants to heal memories, He wants to take away the bad and give us some good ones to take their place” and quotes Psalm 103 presumably verse 2 and then says, “Alzheimer’s is not scriptural, come on . . . short term memory is not biblical.” What?? Talk about ripping a verse out of context. That’s where we are today. We have a very thin biblical foundation. With a foundation like that, it’s easy to shift from sound biblical doctrine to a theological “feeling” instead of the truth. Welcome to the Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey. God help us.

Oh yea, and before you ask, I do believe God can and does heal people every single day.


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